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a bit about me

For as long as I can remember, my life has always included creativity. As a child, I dressed up playing pretend which provided an outlet, every day I became someone or something new. When I got older, drawing, creative writing, ceramics and photography became my new form of expression, but with them also came restrictions, criticism, and boundaries to overcome.

My first camera was a pink, 110 manual advance with flash blub, which taught me about composition light and detail. Throughout my life, my love of photography stuck with me and I found my passion.

I embarked on a 15-year career as a Professional Photographer after graduating from Hallmark Institute of Photography.

As the industry changed from paper to pixels so did my career goals. This change inspired me to expand my creativity into Web Design, Marketing, Visual and UX Design.

My new career path proved to be both fascinating and challenging, as my toolbox changed from photo lenses and backdrops to typefaces and design programs. My new creative outlet was born!

Today I strive to create projects that are unique and inspiring, true to their purpose, and most of all user-friendly.

I would love to help with your next project. Let's Talk!

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