Meet the Designer

Laura is a seasoned freelance UX Designer with over five years of experience who specializes in helping local small businesses build effective digital experiences. She possesses a background in photography and has experience as a business owner, providing her design work with a unique perspective. Additionally, she’s an accomplished mentor with over two years of experience who has assisted more than 120 students in developing their design abilities and progressing in their careers.

As a freelancer, she comprehends the importance of balancing user needs with business objectives. Laura collaborates with her clients closely to identify their target audience and objectives, striving to create immersive and user-friendly experiences that increase engagement, conversion, and loyalty. To ensure that her design solutions are effective, Laura believes in grounding them in both user research and business goals. She is committed to creating digital experiences that fulfill both of these requirements and provides regular updates and feedback to ensure her clients are satisfied with the process and are aligned with their objectives.

Laura has worked with small businesses in the health and fitness industry and is also interested in exploring opportunities in other sectors, such as travel, education, or ocean/environmental protection. She believes that design can play a crucial role in improving people's lives and the world around us, and is always seeking ways to make a positive impact through her work.

When she isn't designing or mentoring, Laura enjoys traveling with her friends and family, seeking out new adventures and experiences. Whether she is skiing down mountains, diving in the ocean, or simply taking photographs of nature, immersing herself in different environments fuels her creativity and inspires her work. And when she needs a quiet moment, you can often find her curled up on the couch with her cat, enjoying some much-needed cuddle time.

Laura is always looking to connect with other professionals in her field. If you’d like to learn more or have any questions about UX Design, don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello.