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Paycrave is a mobile app designed to help find local food trucks. Search and discover new foods near you.

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The Problem

When hunger strikes out of nowhere where do you go? Restaurants can be pricey and time consuming; food chains are boring and unappealing. While food trucks aren't exactly new, mobile technology has left the food truck industry in the dark ages. To date, there is not a quick and easy way to locate or purchase food from these fun and flashy trucks.

The Solution

Design an iOS app that allows consumers to search for local food trucks, view truck details, menus and customer reviews. Customers can select, order food, and complete the payment transaction securely all from their iPhone.

My Role

User Experience Design
User Interaction Design
Visual Design


User Stories
User Flows
User Testing


Pen & Paper
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD


User Stories

These five user stories showed me what features consumers were looking for in a food truck application. This information helped provide in sight as to how I would layout the main structure.

as a user...

As a user, I want to search and view food trucks near me on a map.

As a user, I want to select a truck, view details, and see the menu.

As a user, I want to create an account and view recent transactions.

As a user, I want to choose items to purchase and pay for them using my phone.

As a user, I want to rate and review a food truck, and also read customer ratings and reviews.

Information Architecture

Site Map

To help visualize how this mobile app would work, I designed a site map with the steps that needed to be built out.

paycrave site map

User Flows

To ensure the users concerns were met, I created a few user flows outlining a path for each section of the application. I started with the following: Sign-up & Sign-in, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert menu options, and Viewing & Leaving a review.

lunch menu user flow

dinner and dessert user flow

Low & Medium Fidelity Wireframes

To get a good idea of what I wanted my screens to look like, I sketched out a few quick mockups then transfered those ideas into wireframes. I also did some user testing to see if the process made sense before moving to the secondary pages.

Locating Food Truck
Medium Fidelity Wireframes

Payment Process
Medium Fidelity Wireframes


Additional Screens
Medium Fidelity Wireframes


User Testing

There were three users testing the Paycrave application, 1 male and 2 female.
The ages ranged from mid-30's to late 40's. All of the users tested on a desktop.
Each tester completed all 3 tasks and the process was approximately 15 minutes long from start to finish.

Results Summary

How would you find a food truck?

Show me how you would purchase a food item?

Where would you go to find your recent transactions?

Problem #1

During the testing session, the "saved credit card information box" proved to be a problem. The location, while being in a obvious spot was difficult for the user to find.

Problem #2

Another important issue the needed to be resolved was the lack of a sign-up screen. I created that in my user flows but didn't design it in the prototype. They would also like to know how far they are from the food trucks with a marker.

Problem #3

The last issue mentioned is that there wasn't any logo or company name on the sign-up or sign-up screens. The user didn't feel comfortable signing up to something that didn't have a name or logo on it.


All 3 users did work through the screens and were able to get through the ordering process without any major problems. The workflow process was straight forward and simple to understand.


There are definitely things that need to be fixed and added to the process. I felt that the users were happy with the overall experience and were able to find the answers they were looking for to complete the testing
I will fix the concerns that the users had by changing the placement of a few items so they stand out more, add the sign in/sign up screen with the logo and company name. Once that is completed I'll retest to see if the changes improved the outcome.

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High Fidelity Wireframes

I added my content and images to the wireframes then did a second round of user testing. I had three different people test my site using the same questions for consistency. This gave me more feedback and suggestions where I made further changes.

Locating Food Truck
High Fidelity Wireframes


Payment Process
High Fidelity Wireframes


Additional Screens
High Fidelity Wireframes


Brand Identity

Style Guide

The style guide elements were provided for this project, while I was offered the opportunity to change them I thought this would be a great opportunity to design with certain required criteria.

Mobile Style Guide

Design Mockups

During the 2nd testing phase there were some additional recommendations that came up. The first was that I didn't have a sign-up screen just a sign-in screen. Which wouldn't allow new users to join. They also suggested adding a forgot password screen and thought that having a welcome, and thank you page would be nice to have. I created these screens to add to the process.

Home Screen forgot password Thank you screen


What Worked & What Didn't

Overall I feel Paycrave is a success, the goals of application were fullfilled, the users were able to complete the tasks and the app was easy to understand and navigate. I was struggling with some of the design process as to which options needed to be available on the screens. The feedback helped to reassure my thought process made sense and showed me what needed to be fixed/revised. I made changes based on the feedback and conducted a new user testing with the new changes.

Project Concerns

During this project I wanted to be able to think "outside the box" and create something unique but not knowing enough about the "rules and regulations" of what I can and can't change left me a bit frustrated. I changed my design many times before deciding to stick with something that looked familiar to me.

Designing A Better Me

There were additional challenges I needed to overcome in this project. ISO guidelines required design revisions to my wireframes to ensure they met industry standards. Using the style guide provided by this project, I needed to remember not to change those elements in my work and to use the exact colors and font styles directed on the guide. I enjoyed designing Paycrave, through the lessons learned I can continue to use and expand my design skills. Still in progressing development is my work on time estimating skills and my speed. Skills that I know will improve with time and experience. All of which will lead me to design better products more efficiently.

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